John Fogerty “bewildered” by Country Fest cancellation?

John Fogerty says he’s “bewildered” by the recent announcement that his appearance at Queensland’s Country Fest in March had been canceled.

“I still remain able and ready and willing to do this show,” he tells Billboard. “I take the commitment of playing for the fans very seriously. Throughout my career, practically my whole life, there’s hardly ever been a cancelation.”

Country Fest is scheduled to happen March 30-31. Organizers blamed “unforeseen circumstances” for Fogerty’s cancellation, but he insists he doesn’t know why it happened.

“I was happy to be coming down to Australia to play. It sounded like a really fun event,” he says.

After the cancellation was announced, Fogerty took to social media to address the issue, insisting he was “blindsided” by the news. Country Fest later posted a clarification regarding the situation, explaining they had been in negotiations with Fogerty’s team for months but they “did not reach a final outcome” and talks stopped as of Friday, February 23.

“The matter is now subject to court proceedings in the Supreme Court of Queensland,” the statement continued, adding the case will be heard in March and they “do not intend to comment further.”

Fogerty also addressed his Australian fans in a separate social media post, performing “Bad Moon Rising” for them. He captioned the clip, “To all my loving fans in Australia… I hope to be back there soon!”

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